Friday, July 15, 2005

Action Alert:CAFTA & Codex

Action Alert:CAFTA & Codex

July 13, 2005

Will the Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) finally force you
to get a doctor's prescription just to buy vitamin C, or E, or other dietary
supplements you currently pick up "over the counter" in America? Powerful special
interests are banking on it.

Since 1995, Big Medicine has spent billions of dollars trying to get
Washington to
regulate your dietary supplements just as European governments do. So
far, that
effort has failed in America. But you may lose the battle for health
freedom if CAFTA
entangles the U.S. in Europe's infamous Codex Alimentarius (Codex).

And if you think CAFTA -- the bogus "free trade" agreement -- really has

nothing to
do with limiting the manufacture and distribution of dietary
supplements, then why
does it specifically mention Codex?

CAFTA, chapter 6, article 6.3.6(d) states: "The Committee [Committee on

and Phytosanitary Matters] shall provide a forum for consulting on
issues, positions,
and agendas for meetings of the WTO SPS Committee, the various Codex
committees (including the Codex Alimentarius Commission), the
International Plant
Protection Convention, the International Office of Epizootics, and other

and regional fora and food safety and human, animal, and plant health."

On top of this, CAFTA is being shoved down Congress' throat under
"fast track" trade-negotiation authority. That way, Congress isn't
allowed to change
even one word it. That means Congress must either accept the Codex
language, or
reject all of CAFTA. The special interests love it -- they are betting
Congress doesn't
have the courage to dump CAFTA.

You see, CAFTA, like NAFTA, isn't really about free trade. It's about
managed trade
where government gets to pick the winners and losers. In this case,
pharmaceuticals win, and you, the consumer, lose. The pharmaceutical
want government to "manage" the dietary supplement industry under Codex
in order
to drive out competitors so only they can manufacture and distribute
vitamin C and
other dietary supplements. If that happens, as it already has in
Europe, the
supplements you now take will be available only by prescription and at a

much higher
cost -- if they are available at all.

We will fight CAFTA, NAFTA, WTO and the like because they subjugate our
sovereignty to the "rulings" of global institutions and the whims of the

bureaucrats-for-life who run them. As this web of global governance
grows, our
freedom to choose shrinks -- and health freedom is just one example.

You can't afford to stay out of this fight.

Read "Your dietary supplements: Under attack again" by Henry Lamb, and
"Controversial EU vitamin ban to go ahead" by Sam Knight.

View the powerful documentary "We Become Silent" narrated by British
Dame Judi Dench. This film features Congressman Ron Paul.

Then, call your U.S. representative. Urge him or her to vote against --

to dump --
CAFTA. The U.S. House will likely vote on CAFTA next week.

This vote will be very close. They are keeping score on Capitol Hill
and your effort

"Your dietary supplements: Under attack again"

"Controversial EU vitamin ban to go ahead",,13509-1690686,00.html

"We Become Silent"

Congressional Directory

The U.S. House is likely to vote on CAFTA next week. Please, take
action today --
and spread the word.

Kent Snyder
The Liberty Committee

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