Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Have a good heart, act with kindness, nothing is more important

Patrul Rinpoche (1808-1887) Patrul Rinpoche spent most of his life wandering in the mountains, living in caves, forests, and hermitages lost in the wilderness, There he constantly meditated on love, compassion, and bodhicitta-the wish to bring all sentient beings to enlightenment. These he held as the very root of spiritual practice. To everyone, high and low, he would say, "Have a good heart, act with kindness; nothing is more important than that."


Anita said...

I love this quote and I read it in the book, Heart Treasure of the Enlightened Ones, in the back in a profile of Dza Patrul, and I was very suprised to google it and get a hit. I study and practice Tibetan Buddhism but I have not met all that many people familiar with this particular text. It is a wonderful, wonderful phrase, and I have often wished it were proper to have it tattooed on my arm, but my teacher advises against sacred writing on the body. Your web page is very interesting.

J.Crow said...

thanks Anita, Jeff@Crows