Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sacredness and Society

SACREDNESS AND SOCIETY Sacredness is like putting on a fur coat in the biting cold of winter. Sacredness fulfills its purposes, and it also brings cheerfulness and goodness into our system so that we don't pollute the world. Sacredness is what allows us to say that the Shambhala principles can create an enlightened society. For instance, before we came into this room and before the banners were put up, this room was quite different. Now the banners have been put up and we are here, and that changes the atmosphere, the general dignity of the space all together. That is the notion of sacredness, at least in a superficial sense. rom "The Warrior's Way," a sourcebook for Shambhala Training, page 11. [Monday's quote, Making Friends with Fear, was also from this sourcebook.] All material by Chogyam Trungpa is copyright Diana J. Mukpo

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