Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Wind of Peace


May the great revolutionary bannerBlow in the wind of peace.
May it blow in the wind of karma.
May it blow in the wind of fearlessness.
One's own mind is revolutionized:
There is no need to conquer others.
Like the warriors of ancient times
Going to war by imperial command,
Like seasoned masters of the martial arts,
We will destroy the fortress of erroneous thinking.
We will no longer tolerate the confused way of life
Controlled by the impersonal forces of materialism,
Since these forces may snatch away
The freedom of human dignity.
One must first give up the ego
And enter the war with one's mind.
That is the first step to freedom.
But we will never be free
By following the voice of desire.
Liberation is only gained
By treading the path of what is.

Written in Bhutan, September 1968. During this visit to Bhutan, Chogyam Trungpa composed (or received) THE SADHANA OF MAHAMUDRA, a major text dedicated to overcoming spiritual materialism. Published in WARRIOR SONGS, Trident Publications, available at

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