Friday, December 01, 2006

Confusion as a stepping stone


Student: How do you deal with confusion? How do you use it?

Chogyam Trungpa: Well, what else do you have? [Laughter.] The point is that we should find some working basis as soon as possible, and what else do we have? Confusion is the first ordinary thing; it's how to begin. It think it's very important and absolutely necessary for everyone to know that we should find a stepping stone rather than looking for an ideal situation. People may say, "When I retire from my job, I'll build my house on a beautiful coast, plant my garden, organize my house, and THEN I'm really going to sit and meditate!" That is not quite the way to go about it. We have to do something right away.

From "Bodhisattva and Paramita," Talk Nine of THE TIBETAN BUDDHIST PATH, a seminar at the Naropa Institute, Summer, 1974. Unpublished.

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