Monday, May 21, 2007


As is said, all dharmas [elements of experience] are marked with emptiness, so confusion is one of the most fundamental dharmas of all. That is what is known as the Lion's Roar of Buddha. That fundamental proclamation of the conch shell of dharma [the teachings], the trumpet of dharma, the gong of dharma sounds constantly all the time. The light of dharma shines constantly, because there is nothing to defeat, there are no ideas to be defeated by. So the proclamation of dharma is fearless. It is beautiful that we could take part in this process of fearlessness, rather than trying to defend ourselves or protect ourselves or develop ourselves. The whole process of fearlessness seems to be the topic, or the theme, that develops from the inspiration of buddhadharma, the Buddhist teachings. It is something to be joyful about; it is a rejoicing process; it is not regarded as a solemn or serious matter. It is beautiful, because fearlessness also has life in it. It contains tremendous energy constantly, all the time.

Excerpts from "The Ultimate Truth Is Fearless," the Opening Ceremony of the Karma Dzong Meditation Center, 1111 Pearl Street, Boulder, Colorado, 25 February 1972.

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