Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Think of the goodness you can give out, what you can give to others. You have lots of good things to give, to breathe out to others. You have lots of goodness, lots of sanity, lots of healthiness. All of that comes straight from the basic awakened and enlightened attitude, which is alive and strong and powerful. So what you give out is no longer just imagination, or something that you have to crank up. You actually have something good to give out to somebody. In turn, you can breathe in something that is painful and negative. The suffering that other people are experiencing can be brought in because, in contrast to that, you have basic healthiness and wakefulness, which can certainly absorb anything that comes to it. You can absorb more suffering because you have a lot more to give. >From TRAINING THE MIND AND CULTIVATING LOVING KINDNESS, page 47. Shambhala Library Edition. To subrscribe to Ocean of Dharma go to All quotes used by permission of Diana J. Mukpo. Ocean of Dharma now has 2160 subscribers. _______________________________________________ DharmaOcean mailing list

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