Wednesday, October 17, 2007


The natural process of freeing yourselves from arrogance and cutting off your habitual tendencies is a very drastic measure for a lot of you. You should understand that I have tremendous sympathy for all of you....Habitual tendencies come back all the time. At this very moment, some of you may be thinking: "When I'm done reading this, I should make a phone call," or "When this is over, I should do this and that." Habitual tendencies overcome nowness. That doesn't necessarily mean to say, of course, that you shouldn't make your phone call. You can make your phone call on the basis of nowness, on the level of duty or efficiency -- almost on a military level. But when you mindlessly follow your habitual tendencies, you recruit a lot of cronies to join you and cheer you up, you begin to collect in-groupies, and you begin to collect your own little problems.From" Overcoming Habitual Patterns," in COLLECTED KALAPA ASSEMBLIES, page 263 to 264.
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