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Ideas are not solid, if they are not founded on aggression or dogma.
We can have open ideas. There is no problem with that. Ideas are not
really founded on solid ground at all. They are just...ideas, which
is a very important point. If you completely buy into someone else's
idea or version of spirituality, it's like being caught in the jaws
of a crocodile. This is one of the problems with many approaches to
spirituality: either you are in it or you are not in it. In or out.
You can't actually experience the space between the two. That is a
problem, and that seems to be a spiritual materialistic trick to use
on people: trying to save them from their experience. That approach
is based on a hesitation or inability to provide everything
legitimately, step by step. If the leaders of a spiritual group feel
somewhat inadequate, they may tell potential students, "Buy it or
don't buy it." That seems to be too cheap. Spiritual discipline is
not based on becoming somebody else. But you become you in your
enlightened version. That is the whole point.

From OCEAN OF DHARMA: The Everyday Wisdom of Chogyam Trungpa. 365
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