Sunday, August 30, 2009


The setting-sun approach is that you have a giant vision, which you
can't consume, and you end up throwing most of the it away. There is
not even a program to recycle the leftovers. Everything goes to the
dump. It is no wonder we have such big problems disposing of our
garbage. Some people have even thought of sending our garbage into
outer space: we can let the rest of the universe take care of our
leftovers, instead of cleaning up our earth....As long as we have a
pleasurable situation, we forget about the leftovers or the greasy
spoons and plates. We leave the job of cleaning up to somebody
else....In contrast to that, Great Eastern Sun vision is a very
ecological approach. The way of the Great Eastern Sun is based on
seeing what is needed and how things happen organically.

From "The Dawn of the Great Eastern Sun," in SHAMBHALA: THE SACRED
PATH OF THE WARRIOR, pages 56 to 58.

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