Monday, November 05, 2007


I had tremendous fun driving through New York City. A friend and I drove together in New York and we were constantly amazed at how much is going on there. That value doesn't have to be judged as either positive or negative, but it is just how things happen. It's a fantastic display. Trying to fall asleep in the morning, there were garbage trucks and tractors and sirens and people shouting. I was hearing everything through the window, which was also a fantastic experience. If only people just used what they had around them in their environment, there is already the working basis of enlightened society in how we can actually work with the situation. Often when we talk about enlightenment, it is how we can shut off any nuisances of any kind. That often seems to be people's idea. Even the misunderstanding of peace and tranquility is to go off, stop, altogether, close your eyes. That's become the problem.
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