Tuesday, November 27, 2007


As our bodily reserves deplete themselves with age and illness it is important to remember that no matter how healthy we are, we are not going to live forever.The best one can hope for is to have the biological clock run out first without breaking down.It is sort of a chicken/egg thing regarding the relationship between running out and breaking down but all in all there are examples of those who pass on peacfully and without alot of mental or physical turmoil.Dr. Jarvis was not an eternalist by any means. He understood the influence of virus' and microbes on host objects and felt that to survive the environmental onslaught( http://www.jcrows.com/jarvisenvironment.html http://www.jcrows.com/jarvisweather.html )
one needed suitable reserves to ward off or slow down their effects.How does one maintain,build and observe the state of one's reserves? Jarvis recommends Lugol's Solution, apple cider vinegar, honey, kelp and the use of hydrion short range ph paper (nitrazine paper) for measuring the bodily acidity of urinary and sweat secretions in the 4.5-7.5 range.With Jarvis' tool kit one has the ability to move beyond a passive state with respect to maintaining health. Through his non proprietary methods one learns to facilitate the resiliency of our private and limited stock of energy reserves enabling us to respond to potential obstacles and interruptions in attention which would otherwise effect us adversely.

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