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Usually in life, when we act, when we exist, we tend to have a very
wretched and small notion of what we are doing. Sometimes, we try to
be good boys and girls. We struggle, taking our journey stitch by
stitch. We go to sleep at night, we get up the next day, and we
struggle to lead our life. The ordinary approach to that is
undignified and very small, like flat Coca-Cola. Sometimes we feel
better, we try to cheer up, and it feels pretty good. But then,
behind that, there is the same familiar "me" haunting us all the
time. We don't have to be that way, at all. We actually could see our
world as a big world and see ourselves as open and vast. We can see
our world as sacred. That is the key to bringing together the sun of
wisdom with the moon of wakefulness.

From OCEAN OF DHARMA: The Everyday Wisdom of Chogyam Trungpa. 365
Teachings on Living Life with Courage and Compassion. Number 284.
[Unpublished excerpt from Talk Five of Warriorship in the Three
Yanas. August 1978, Rocky Mountain Dharma Center.]

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by permission.

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