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Transplanting the moon of wakefulness into your heart and the sun of
wisdom into your head can be natural and obvious. It is not so much
trying to look for the bright side of life and using that side of
things as a stepping stone, but it is discovering unconditional
cheerfulness, which has no other side. It is just one side, one
taste. From that, the natural sense of goodness begins to dawn in
your heart. Therefore, whatever we experience, whatever we see,
whatever we hear, whatever we think -- all those activities begin to
have some sense of holiness or sacredness in them. The world is full
of hospitality at that point. Sharp corners begin to dissolve and the
darkness begins to be uplifted in our lives. That kind of goodness is
unconditionally good, and at that point, we become a decent human
being and a warrior. Such an approach has to be accompanied by the
sitting practice of meditation. The practice of meditation acts as a
training ground and stronghold. Out of that, the seed of friendliness
begins to occur. The main point is to appreciate your world. That
kind of world is known as the vajra, or indestructible, world. It is
a cheerful world. It never becomes too good or too bad.

From OCEAN OF DHARMA: The Everyday Wisdom of Chogyam Trungpa. 365
Teachings on Living Life with Courage and Compassion. Number 98.
[Unpublished excerpt from Talk Five of Warriorship in the Three
Yanas. August 1978, Rocky Mountain Dharma Center.]

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