Saturday, June 21, 2008

Training the Mind

At the beginner's level, there is what is called, "training the mind."
The mind is like a crazy monkey, which leaps about and never stays in
one place...

The training, or the meditation practice, is a way to catch this
monkey to begin with. That is the starting point.
Traditionally, this training is called shamatha in Sanskrit, or shi-
ne in Tibetan, which means simply "the development of peace."

When we talk about the development of peace, we are not talking about
cultivating a peaceful state, as such, but about simplicity...

The practice of of the development of peace is one of imitating
You are pretending to be still, although the mind is of course,
constantly jumping and relentless.

âFrom: The Teacup and The SkullcupâChogyam Trungpa On Zen and
Tantra, Pg. 72, Shambhala Publications

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