Monday, May 18, 2009


For the accomplished warrior, belief is not a form of strategy, nor
is it borrowing the stories of previous warriors from books and
stories. Trying to theorize and borrow ideas doesn't seem to help.
The notion of belief, or view, here is based on complete simplicity.
Your view is not affected by liberalism or conservatism, nihilism or
eternalism, at all. Your view is straightforward and simple; it is
almost a cosmic domestic view. It is the notion of complete
simplicity. When you meet a person, you don't have to develop a whole
style of how to view that person according to either the historic or
present situation, the sociological context, his religious
connections, or whatever it may be. You don't have to go through all
that. You can have a direct relationship, which is very simple,
direct, and straightforward -- extremely straightforward.

From "Inscrutability," a talk given to the Directors of Shambhala
Training, July 1978.

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